Bear Complex:
A) 5′ warm up find starting weight
B) Every 3,5′, 4 rounds:
7 sets of the following sequence
(Power Clean)
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Push Press
4 rounds – work up to max load . Clean Touch & Go from the ground, no Squatclean + direct Thruster –> stand first

WoD: HRPUs VS KB-Swings
EMOM til Death for 16′:
odd: 12x HRPU’s (+2)
even 12x American KB-Swings 32/24kg (+2)
Score: Best Reps HRPU + Best Reps KB-Swing
if you pass out 1′ rest @ that exercise and try to get a good / your best succesful round til end.

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